Invest in Kenya: East Africa's Powerhouse

Kenya is the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. Its GDP accounts for more than 50 per cent of the region’s total and in terms of current market prices, its 2014 GDP stood at $58.1 billion. Kenya’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services.

Stable Economy

The country enjoys a stable political and macroeconomic environment, fostering global competitiveness and positioning itself as a premier destination for business travel in Africa. It serves as a vital hub for impact investors in the region and has been recognized as a global leader in financial inclusion for five consecutive years, while also ranking first globally in safeguarding the rights of minority investors. Regionally, it holds the second position in Africa for logistics performance, supported by a robust financial system that provides security for businesses and investors.

Skilled and Dynamic Workforce

With 70% of its population under the age of 35 years, the country boasts a youthful demographic, while also achieving an impressive 82% literacy rate, one of the highest in Africa. Proficiency in English further facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, contributing to its overall dynamism and potential for growth.

Leading in Africa's green transition

The country leads in sustainability with 93% renewable energy, pioneering Africa's Corporate Green Bond and aiming to cut emissions by 32% by 2030. It's the first to offer a mobile retail bond (M-AKIBA) and has a $40 million Green Investment Fund, showcasing its commitment to a green economy.

Renowned Vibrant Democracy in Africa

The country holds a significant role in both regional and international geopolitics, highlighted by its hosting of Africa's UN Headquarters and its past membership in the UN Security Council.

Regional Logistics and Innovation Hub

Kenya is a multi-party Democracy with a unicameral Parliament which creates laws which are administered by the Executive arm of the Government. The Kenyan Constitution protects private property and provides safeguards against expropriation of such property without compensation. Kenya is also a signatory to Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), an agency of the World Bank and a Member of the International Council of Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). In case of Commercial disputes, Kenya has a Commercial Court under the Kenyan Judiciary.

Safe Investment

The nation guarantees constitutional protection of property, non-discrimination for investors, and allows 100% profit repatriation. It also offers robust dispute resolution through institutions like the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration.

Other Investment Opportunities

Join us in unlocking the full potential of Kenya – a land of opportunity, innovation, and progress. Invest in Kenya, and together, let's build a future of shared prosperity.

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