Food Security

Investors can tap into export opportunities, leverage technological advancements, and cater to the rising middle class's demand for diverse and high-value food products.

Why Kenya For Food Security

Investing in Kenya's food security offers investors

Market Growth

Address the rising demand for food products driven by population growth and urbanisation

Agricultural Potential

Leverage diverse agro-ecological zones for opportunities across the food value chain

Export Opportunities

Access regional markets through Kenya's strategic location for agricultural product exports.

Government Support

Benefit from supportive policies, subsidies, and incentives for agricultural development.

Climate Resilience

Contribute to climate-resilient agriculture, aligning with global sustainability trends.

Technological Advancements

Explore investment in technology-driven initiatives to enhance agricultural efficiency.

Social Impact

Align with social impact goals by addressing a fundamental need, contributing to poverty reduction, and improving livelihoods.


Add a tangible and essential asset class to investment portfolios with potential lower correlation to traditional markets.

Investment Opportunities in Food Security

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Investment opportunities in food security in Kenya span various segments. Here are key areas where investors can explore opportunities.

Agribusiness Ventures

  • Farm Development: Invest in the development of modern and sustainable farms for crop cultivation or livestock farming.
  • Agro-Processing: Support or establish agro-processing businesses to add value to agricultural products before reaching consumers.

Technology and Innovation

  • Agri-Tech Startups:Invest in technology-driven solutions such as precision farming, data analytics, and farm management software to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Supply Chain SolutionsExplore investments in platforms that optimise the agricultural supply chain, reducing waste and improving logistics.

Infrastructure Development

  • Storage Facilities: Invest in warehouses and cold storage facilities to reduce post-harvest losses and ensure food quality.
  • Transportation: Opportunities exist in improving and expanding transportation infrastructure to facilitate the efficient movement of agricultural products.

Livestock and Fisheries

  • Fish Farming: Invest in sustainable aquaculture ventures to meet the growing demand for fish products.
  • Livestock Farming: Support modern and ethical livestock farming practices, including poultry, dairy, and meat production.

Export-Oriented Agriculture

  • Horticulture: Explore investments in high-value horticultural crops, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers, for both local consumption and export markets.
  • Coffee and Tea Production: Invest in coffee and tea plantations for export, leveraging Kenya's global reputation for high-quality products.

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Organic Farming: Support or invest in organic farming practices to meet the growing demand for organic products.
  • Climate-Smart Agriculture: Explore investments in technologies and practices that enhance resilience to climate change.

Financial Services for Agriculture

  • Agricultural Finance:Provide financing solutions tailored for farmers, cooperatives, and agribusinesses
  • Insurance Products: Invest in or support the development of agricultural insurance products to mitigate risks for farmers.

Education and Training

  • Capacity Building: Invest in training programs and educational initiatives to build the skills and knowledge of farmers in modern and sustainable agricultural practices.


  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs):Explore opportunities to collaborate with the government in initiatives aimed at enhancing food security, such as large-scale irrigation projects or public-private partnerships in agricultural development. (link to Land Commercialization Initiative - LCI Microsite for specific PPP opportunities)

Social Impact Initiatives

  • Community-Based Projects: Support projects that empower local communities, improve food security, and contribute to sustainable development.

Other Investment Opportunities

Join us in unlocking the full potential of Kenya – a land of opportunity, innovation, and progress. Invest in Kenya, and together, let's build a future of shared prosperity.

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  • Richard Quest

    Business Reporter, CNN

    I have traveled to many countries to report on business news, However nothing matches the business acumen and readiness for investment that I have observed in Kenya Including the world Bank optimism to a marvelous GDP growth. I must says Kenya is the new business Destination in Africa

  • Christine Lagard

    President, European Central Bank

    Kenya has emerged as one of Africa’s ‘frontier economies’, and I am very interested in learning how the  country’s leaders and people will build on this success moving forward

  • John Gershenson, PhD

    CEO, Kijenzi

    Kenya is uniquely positioned to lead a surge in localized supply chains. Kijenzi is excited to unleash the next generation of digital manufacturing to feed the incredible innovation engine and enable a more resilient industry across the country and region. Manufacturing is the heartbeat of a growing GDP

  • Brijesh Bakhda

    Managing Director, Durham International Schools

    Kenya is well known for its value on education, and we quickly saw Nairobi as an excellent destination for the first Durham International School in Africa. We are confident that families in the capital will welcome the quality and ethos of education that Durham offers. KenInvest has provided a warm welcome and great support as we planned and opened Durham Kenya

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