Acquiring Property

Requirements and application procedures for acquisition of property in Kenya

The Constitutions restricts foreign ownership of private land to leasehold for a maximum of 99 years.

To acquire public land, whether held by national or county government, a developer must apply to the National Land Commission, either directly, or through allocation auctions. Such land must be used for the purposes declared or else reverts back to government.

The acquisition or transfer or private land by freehold or leasehold must be registered with the local land registry in keeping with the Land Registration Act.

Land Classification

Public Land

Reserved for public use or environmental protection. It is administered and managed by National Land Commission on behalf of the people of Kenya.

Private Land

Land held by natural or legal persons. The Ministry of lands is tasked with the registration of any interest in private Land

Community Land

Land held by communities on basis of ethnicity, culture or similar community interest.

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