Tomoca Coffee Opens First Shop In Kenya At Two Rivers Mall

The award-winning Coffee roasting company, Tomoca Coffee Kenya Ltd has opened its doors to the Kenyan market.

The first Tomoca coffee shop is situated at The Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi.

“This is the first venture for Tomoca within Africa. We chose Kenya as our first gateway for Africa-based expansion due to many benefits Kenya provides to the private sector in terms of investment incentive and other critical aspects that are needed for startup businesses to flourish,” says Wondwossen Meshasha – CGOO- Chief Global Operations

Famed for authentic coffee experience, Tomoca prides itself on the art of marrying Ethiopian Coffee with the Italian technique. Some of their drinks include the Macchiato, Sprice, and Cravate Coffee.

Tomoca coffee prides itself on being a pioneer for change and disrupting the status quo based on the origin of coffee and the ripple effect it had from domestic use to commercialization.

Tomoca plans to create beverage blends with Kenyan, Rwandese, and Ethiopian coffee.

If you are in the store early enough, you get to watch the master roaster freshly roast and package coffee beans and smell the coffee.

The family-owned business became the first coffee roasting company in Ethiopia to provide roasted and ground coffee to the local and international markets.

The acronym TO.MO.CA is derived from the Italian Torrefazione Moderna café, which means modern
coffee roasting.

Tomoca coffee is known as the gold standard of Ethiopian coffee; with an unmatched delivery of the best quality coffee from roast to cup.

It is a member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and export our coffee to Sweden, Germany, USA, China, Japan and other countries across the globe.

Source: Capital FM Kenya.

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